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Communication and Leadership skills are at the heart of Pepbox’s Blindfolded Tent Assembly activity. This activity involves each team leader to effectively instruct their blindfolded team members to build a tent. The kit required to build a team is provided to each team and the team that complete building a tent in least time period wins.

The group is divided into teams of same sizes. Each team appoints a team leader. The team leader is briefed on the activity and the kit provided to build a tent. Team members are blind folded so they do not know the prop they are building. Team leaders have to effectively instruct each team member without revealing that the prop being built is a tent. The activity is judged based on time taken to build the entire tent

Successful team leaders communicate in a goal oriented manner while team members diligently follow their leader to complete a task. This activity unfolds these qualities of the team while giving them an opportunity to bond over a task

Activity Objectives Blind Folded Tent Assembly

  • Effective Communication

  • Leadership Skills

  • Effective Resource Management

  • Trust Building

  • Effective Project Management

Activity Location Blind Folded Tent Assembly

  • Indoors/Outdoors

Activity IntensityBlind Folded Tent Assembly

  • Low

Activity Time TakenBlind Folded Tent Assembly

  • 30 to 45 mins

  • Blind Caterpillar
  • Landmines
  • Rollercoaster Building
  • Pyramid Building

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