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A highly synchronized and quick actionable activity that involves transporting a payload from start to end line with help of half cut pipes and a quickly formed queue of participants.

Participants line up one besides the other forming a queue to allow transverse a small payload from one point to other without dropping it.

Channel can be performed as an ice breaking activity while Team Cohesion & Coordination and recognizing each other strengths & weaknesses is a by product of this activity. Moments of fun and recreation are ensured.

Activity Objectives Channel

  • Team Building & Bonding

  • Lateral Thinking

  • Team cohesion & coordination

  • Competetive spirit

  • Fun & Recreation

Activity Location Channel

  • Indoors/Outdoors

Activity IntensityChannel

  • Medium

Activity Time TakenChannel

  • 8 to 10 mins per game

  • Pep Olympics
  • Mobile Basketball Ball
  • Sling Shots
  • Ball Bridge Drop

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