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Desi Baseball is an exciting fusion of 2 ball games i.e. Baseball & Cricket. The combination ensures fun and a great degree of adaptability, as participants are well aware with rules of one game but not other. How teams cope with the confusion is a challenge.

Teams compete against one another by playing baseball with props and equipments of cricket. This combination of two games is what makes them realize the level of difficulty they need to overcome in order to achieve the goals.

Being in comfort zone, one may not be able to overcome challenges which sometimes may require an individual or a team to go beyond their comfort zone. Desi baseball throws challenge to teams when it comes to adapting to new set of rules in a completetly new environment.

Activity Objectives Desi Baseball

  • Embracing Change

  • Adaptability

  • Team Building & Bonding

  • Team cohesion & coordination

  • Fun & Recreation

Activity Location Desi Baseball

  • Outdoor 

Activity IntensityDesi Baseball

  • High

Activity Time TakenDesi Baseball

  • 8 to 10 mins per game

  • Pep Olympics
  • Mobile Basketball Ball
  • Human Foosball
  • Bubble Soccer

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