Pepbox Facilitators

Harshit Desai

Founder & Director- PEPEBOX

Ganesh Dalvi


Deepa Padda

Certified Trainer & Facilitator

Rajinder Singh

Consulting Facilitator

Chetan Bhayani


Riti Menda

Certified Trainer & Facilitator

Varun Zinje

Music Facilitator

Ketaki Anand

Certified Trainer & Facilitator


Team Building & Bonding
Ice Breaking
Fun Recreation
Design Thinking Innovation
Leadership Skills
Trust Building
Effective Communication
Team Synergy
Mutual Respect Empathy
Effective Project Resource Management
Strategic Thinking
Risk Management
Embracing Change Adaptation
Instilling Organizational Values

Leadership Development Program

Our experiential learning methodology adopted for the ‘Leadership Development Programme’ is suitable for mid- to senior-level position leaders and is a live facilitator-led programme. Although the programme we design is completely customised based on the desired outcomes and competencies, it usually includes intensive, personalised assessments, innovative exercises, peer feedback, and leadership coaching to help reinforce learning and transformation. Our leadership development programme builds the skills and confidence that leaders and managers need to build commitment and translate strategy into effective action. Get in touch with our experts to understand and explore the methodology adopted and the longevity and effectiveness of the offerings.

Jigsaw Discover Tool

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is all about developing people to grow the success of organisations. It provides strategic solutions that will make a difference to individuals, teams, and organisations. The tool is based on the very latest evidenced research in neuroscience, neuroleadership, positive psychology, and workplace practises and, as such, is at the cutting edge of human performance.

The Jigsaw Transformation Model is a step-by-step approach to achieving strategic and cultural transformation. It requires commitment but is experiential and insightful, creating ‘aha’ moments to drive positive behavioural change that will make a difference to any bottom line.
What makes the Jigsaw Discovery Tool unique amongst so many profiling tools based on the same theories.
It is tactile, experiential, interactive, and, most importantly, it uses memorable and colourful characters to help learners identify their personal preferences. Based on the latest evidence in neuroscience, the Jigsaw Discovery Tool challenges the “cradle-to-grave” approach taken by many similar tools and acknowledges the plasticity of the brain. Unlike traditional profiling tools, there are no questionnaires forcing people into either-or choices.
The Jigsaw Discovery Tool recognises that people can and do exhibit opposite behaviours; for example, the way in which people behave at home is often very different from the way they behave at work.
Jigsaw Discovery Tool workshops are a dynamic mix of activities, discussions, and personal reflection. During workshops, you will be guided through the Jigsaw Discovery Experience by expert facilitators. See how you can deliver effective experiential learning in a number of areas, such as leadership, change management, communication, and team building. Explore the underpinning neuroscience.