What does Pepbox do?

As our tagline says, ‘Learn with Pep, Fun with Pep’, we are primarily an employee engagement company that facilitates fun and/or learning-based customised sessions that are suitable for any of your occasions. Our offerings include team building programmes, in-office, outbound, and virtual employee engagement sessions, experiential learning, soft skills training, drum circle sessions, etc. You can explore our website for more details on what we do!

How would I know which programme or engagement activity is suitable for the team?

Our team of experts will guide and recommend a completely customised programme with a suitable set of activities. However, there are two completely different approaches we follow when it comes to fun and recreational ways of engagement: gamified experiential learning and deep dive interventions.

How long is the duration of the programmes?

Depending upon the group size and the mode of delivery and, of course, the chosen set of activities, the duration can vary from as short as 30 minutes to a few hours, or sometimes even a complete day or two in the case of an outbound training programme.

What is the kind of commercial investment involved for Pepbox’s services?

We do not have a "one size fits all approach, and we customise our offerings as per your needs. Hence our commercials for the offering are determined after considering a number of variables, viz., programme category, activities chosen, number of participants to be engaged, location, programme duration, and several other factors. Our team of experts will advise you on the same once you get in touch with us.

Do you have a place of your own where we can come along with our group?

We do not have a facility of our own. However, after being in this space for more than a decade, we do have several connections and tie-ups with several properties that can be explored.

What does my investment include, and do we need to make any arrangements?

Our core expertise lies in designing and delivering engagement, team building, and learning sessions. Hence, depending upon the services opted for via Pepbox, our deliverables include the facilitation part (fun or learning-based), which involves conducting the set of activities chosen from start to finish along with their props and equipment and the logistics involved. It’s best when you arrange the venue, your team’s travel, F&B, and audio-visual tech support (if any) at your end.

Do you provide end-to-end services for our team outings and off-sites?

The answer to this question is yes and no! Our core expertise lies in designing and delivering experiences for our clients. However, on a case-by-case basis, due to our connections and partnerships with venues and certain travel agencies, we do provide end-to-end services that involve additional services apart from our regular engagement sessions, viz. Venue bookings, meals, travel arrangements for the group, any technical requirements, etc. The additional services (if any) arranged by Pepbox shall attract a fixed percent fee over and above the total billing.

What is the maximum group size of participants that you can work with?

Depending on the programme type, we can cater to a group size of 10 people up to 1500 participants and beyond for our physical and offline programmes and up to 3000 participants in virtual sessions.

How much advance time do you need to plan a programme?

Depending on the services opted for, anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks is suitable.

What kind of space or platforms do you require to conduct these sessions?

For physical or offline programmes, all we need is space! (the more the merrier) be it an enclosed conference room, banquet/ballroom arrangement, classroom/auditorium arrangement, or outdoor lawn/turf area, etc. depending upon the activities and occasions. For our virtual/online programmes, we conduct the same on your subscribed platforms, viz., Zoom meetings, MS Teams, Google Meets, Cisco Webex, etc.

What kind of infrastructure or technical requirements do you need for your sessions?

Depending upon the programme type and group size, we may require a public address system (microphone, speakers, mixer, etc.) to address the participants in the case of our physical or offline programmes. Certain tech-enabled activities require essential audio,  video, and a smooth internet or Wi-Fi connection. For our virtual/online programmes, we conduct the same on your subscribed platforms, viz., Zoom meetings, MS Teams, Google Meets, Cisco Webex, etc.

For any other queries, feel free to get in touch with our team!