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"Paintball Combat" is an extreme, adventurous outdoor team-building activity in which two teams compete in a predetermined game format based on their tactics. It closely resembles the risks of a real-life close combat situation without the use of real firearms!


Participants are given a set of protective gear as well as paintball markers. Inside the confined playing arena, the referee gives a briefing about the format, safety, and so on. Then, players fire gelatine paintballs from markers containing coloured vegetable oil, leaving a coloured mark on their opponent.


The highly adventurous character of the paintball game examines an individual's high spirits and involves strategic thinking, leadership, and teamwork to rule the game.

1. Time Duration (2) (1)

Time Duration

20 to 30 mins per match

2. Location-min



3. Physical Itensity-min

Physical Intensity


4. Team Size-min

Team Size

10 to 100

5. Objectives-min


  • Risk taking ability
  • Analytical & Problem-solving skills
  • Strategic & Lateral Thinking
  • Team Building & Bonding
  • Competitive Spirit
6. Occasions-min


  • Outbound Programs
  • Team Outing
  • Sports Day

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