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‘Paintball Combat’ is a war simulation outdoor team building game where two teams compete against each other in a pre-decided game format depending upon the strategy they adopt. It’s a game where one can come as close to real life war combat situation as possible without using real firearm.

Participants in both teams gear up with set of safety gear and a paintball gun also knows as Paintball Marker. Teams are briefed about the game format, safety etc. by the referee inside the confined game arena. Once the game commences, participants shoot gelatin paintballs from the markers, which are filled with colored vegetable oil. These paintballs bursts on impact with the target, thus leaving a colored mark on the opponent. Players are provided with overall jumpsuits, chest & back guard as well as facemask to protect themselves from opponent’s paintball being shot at them

The extreme adventurous nature of Paintball game explores the high spirits of an individual as well as a team when uncertainty and adrenaline rush is high.

Activity Objectives Paintball Combat

  • Risk taking ability

  • Strategic thinking

  • Team cohesion & coordination

  • Leadership Development

  • Fun & Recreation

Activity Location Paintball Combat

  • Outdoor

Activity IntensityPaintball Combat

  • High

Activity Time TakenPaintball Combat

  • 20 to 30 mins per match

  • Laser Tag
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Bumper Zorb Wrestling
  • Human Foosball

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