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Marching in sync was never easy, but with help of synchronized team work, marching on a pair of wooden plank with help of ropes tethered to it seemed like a cakewalk.

Teams align themselves at the start line and need to reach the finish line while standing on a pair of wooden planks, but without stepping on the ground. Being in sync is the key to success.

Teams and their thoughts in sync can sometime achieve the unachievable and that’s exactly the outcome of this activity.

Activity Objectives Plank Walk

  • Team cohesion & coordination

  • Effective Communication

  • Strategic thinking

  • Lateral Thinking

  • Team Building & Bonding

Activity Location Plank Walk

  • Outdoors

Activity IntensityPlank Walk

  • High

Activity Time TakenPlank Walk

  • 8 to 10 mins per game

  • Prop Tele-Match Race
  • Mobile Basketball Ball
  • Channel
  • Sling Shots

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