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How does one survive a shipwreck as an individual and as a team? Given a challenging and scary situation, individuals and teams needs to assess few items in their list to survive on a life boat in case of a emergency situation at sea

The game is designed in two parts: One part being the assessment of an individual’s thought process and the other part assesses collective decision of a team, in a given situation which is highly unlikely

Conflicts arise in many situations when there is difference of opinion in any situation. This game assesses these kind of though processes and make a team realize who’s a leader/influencer/both?

Activity Objectives Shipwreck Survival

  • Leadership Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Confidence building

  • Lateral Thinking

  • Ice Breaking

Activity Location Shipwreck Survival

  • Indoors

Activity IntensityShipwreck Survival

  • Low

Activity Time TakenShipwreck Survival

  • 45 mins

  • Blind Folded Tent Assembly
  • Jodi Football
  • Tug of War 

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