Fun & Recreation Programs

“Fun” is an inevitable part of and essential to any team-building programme that Pepbox conducts. However, often we come across requirements where the core objective and expected outcome are just pure fun! along with strengthening the existing bond amongst the team... As the name suggests, the value addition in our “fun and recreation-based team building session is the overall experience the participants go through. Our thoughtfully curated safe and engaging fun-based team building programme not only ensures the fun quotient but also makes the participants feel inclusive and leaves a happy and memorable experience to cherish forever! Be it for any of your occasions, and regardless of the location or the venue, whether it’s a face-to-face or even virtual mode of engagement, the fun element is 100% guaranteed! Explore our wide variety of indoor, outdoor, and virtual offerings. Also check out video snippets of such programmes on Pepbox’s YouTube channel.

Outbound Interventions

Outbound interventions, also popularly known as offsites, are an occasion that employees look forward to! Team building or any planned value addition Engagements are an integral part of such offsites. A thoughtfully curated programme and the active involvement of the participants are what matter during such interventions to make them memorable and successful.... We at Pepbox believe that our co-created immersive gamified learning and fun experience that a participant goes through should add value in the form of key takeaways and outcomes that one can apply back in their day-to-day lives. thus leaving an assertive impact on the overall thought process. Pepbox’s facilitation is what acts as a catalyst here during such outbound interventions. The outbound interventions designed and delivered by Pepbox can work across mandate and seniority, with several indoor and outdoor activities to choose from.


Our Flagship Activities