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The Big Collage activity comprises of individuals joining into small teams who realize that in order for the overall artwork to be successful they need to collaborate with other teams. Once complete, the highlight of ‘The Big Picture’ is the final display. The made masterpiece is unveiled to all teams for the first time, which always results in a hude applause!

These smaller teams are given brushes, paint, their individual canvases etc. They then set about as a team to mix paints to create the right colors and paint their canvas, which is eventually combined to form the Big Picture

Project management often involves competensies like Collaboration, Communicating effectively and sharing resources. The Big Picture is one such classic example of project that can be done across all group sizes

Activity Objectives The Big Collage

  • Collaboration

  • Effective Resource Management

  • Effective Project Management

  • Effective Communication

  • Team Building & Bonding

Activity Location The Big Collage

  • Indoors/Outdoors

Activity IntensityThe Big Collage

  • Low

Activity Time TakenThe Big Collage

  • 75 to 90 mins

  • Rollercoaster Building
  • Pyramid Building
  • Blindfold Tent Assembly
  • Blind Caterpillar

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