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Trash cans make music too! Derive the fun of making music from trash objects. Collaborate with your teams to create your own tunes. From simple rhythm patterns to complex yet achievable Jugalbandi, Trash Jam is unique activity in itself and is for everyone

Every participant is given a trash or junk derived object viz. cans, sticks, buckets etc. which acts as percussion musical instruments. The facilitator starts with participants getting comfortable with the instruments and with basic rhythm patterns. Once into the rhythm, several patterns are slowly taught which creats a magical moment with music and energy out of it is immense.

Team Synergry, unless explored will not result in spirit of unity or being as one. With Drum Circle the same can be achieved

Activity Objectives Trash Jam

  • Building Team Synergy

  • Team Building and Bonding

  • Collaboration

  • Fun & Recreaiton

  • Effective Communication

Activity Location Trash Jam

  • Indoors

Activity IntensityTrash Jam

  • High

Activity Time TakenTrash Jam

  • 45 to 60 mins

  • Dance Workshop
  • Drum Circle
  • Pep Broadway
  • Ramp Walk

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