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Your Occasions 

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Annual Sports Day

Employee Family Day

An Organisation that not only values their employees but also gives equal and due importance to their family members is an organisation with great values. Such annual occassions are a great way to show gratitude towards all employees and Pepbox can organise such programs where in everyone from Kids to Spouse and the employees are engaged actively

In office Engagement

When time and space is a constraint, we at pepbox can deliver wide range of employee engagement programs in office premises wherein several of our activities can be conducted

Employee Engagement Calendar

Hire Pepbox to take care of your monthly employee engagement wherein a systematic and a planned calender format is pre-decided and such interventions are regularly conducted to meet your objectives

Annual Outing

Successful organisations believe is the power of team building and its outcomes, annual outings are one such occasion wherein a wide range of team building activiites can be carried out based on time, space and budget.

Rewards & Recognisiton

When its time to give your employees credit where its due, Rewards & Recognition occassions are a perfect platform to organise activities from our Pep Lounge Category, Namelty Drum Circle, Trash Jam, Body Tapping Workshops etc.

Induction Programs

First Impression of the organiaiton stays a long way with any newly inducted trainee or employee. When teams come on board under several projects or verticals the first and ofremost objective it so break the ice and create a strong team bond that will lay the foundation for their own and company’s future. Pepbox is greatful to several of its client that it has served such programs and ensure teams deliver the desired expectaitons

Festival Celebrations

There cannot be a perfect way to celebrate festivals in office with some fun based team building that go hand in hand with the festive vibe. Pepbox gurantees cherishable memories during such joyous times with grand celebrations

Sports Day

“Fun with Pep” is our mantra and we’re pretty serious about Fun! Sports day is a great opportunity to go all out and be a team mate showcasing your contribution. Pepbox has a unique and wide variery of Sports based activities such as Pep Olympics, Prop Tele-Match race, Bubble Soccer, Paintball Combat, Baseball Fusion etc. Pepbox can also organise conventional sports like Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Badminton Etc.


Be it annual or quaterly meets, Pepbox customises program based on your time slots and location in order to build great teams as well as have fillers in between conferences.

Outbound Training

Experiential learning is a one of the most impactful learning tool when it comes to trainig & leaning. A non-claasroom based approach with a wide set of outdoor and indoor based team activities acts as catalyst to such Outbound or so called Offsite programs for employees. We at Pepbox believe in the same and can deliver such Outbound interventions programs for your teams

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