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Pyramid Building is an activity from Pepbox that involves building a large pyramid from resources provided. The entire group collaborates on the design, builds parts and joins them together while keeping in mind the larger picture

The group is given resources such as cardboard pieces. Depending on the design and group size, small prism like structures will be build that can be joined to build a large pyramid

For those who want to encourage Collaboration in the group and instill the quality of looking at the larger picture, Pyramid Building is the activity to look out for.

Activity Objectives Pyramid Building

  • Collaboration

  • Design Thinking and Innovation

  • Effective Resource Management

  • Team Building & Bonding

  • Effective Project Management

Activity Location Pyramid Building

  • Indoors/Outdoors

Activity IntensityPyramid Building

  • Low

Activity Time TakenPyramid Building

  • 75 to 90 mins

  • Rollercoaster Building
  • The Big Picture
  • Catapult Battles
  • Rubberband Car

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