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The bike building challenge (or bicycle challenge) is the most commonly offered corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity in which teams are handed dismantled bicycle sets and asked to assemble them under the given constraints and challenges. These bicycles are then donated to the needy.


Teams compete with each other to assemble the bicycles with the given challenges and time constraints, making it engaging and fun along with the objective of the social cause.


This popular CSR-based endeavour weaves social and environmental issues into the company culture.

1. Time Duration (2) (1)

Time Duration

90 to 120 mins

2. Location-min


Indoors/Outdoors both

3. Physical Itensity-min

Physical Intensity


4. Team Size-min

Team Size

10 to 200

5. Objectives-min


  • Inculcating CSR Values
  • Social cause
  • Team Building & Bonding
  • Catalyst for Employee Engagement
  • Fun & Recreation
6. Occasions-min


  • Outbound Programs
  • In Office Engagement
  • Employee Family Day
  • Conferences and Townhalls
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Induction/Onboarding

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