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Have you ever felt like a superman? Flying fox fame is all about putting team strategy and physical fitness to test, wherein maximum points are to be collected in the least amount of time

Teams try to score maximum from a common pool of points in the given time. A Participant from each team is made to place self on a cargo net, like a Flying Fox, while the rest of the team members try to carry him/her towards their base with points

Activity Objectives Flying Fox Game

  • Team Building & Bonding

  • Fun & recreation

  • Team cohesion & coordination

  • Strategic thinking

  • Ice Breaking

Activity Location Flying Fox Game

  • Indoors/Outdoors

Activity IntensityFlying Fox Game

  • High

Activity Time TakenFlying Fox Game

  • 10 to 15 mins per game

  • Bungee Rope Challenge
  • Pep Olympics
  • Mobile Basketball Ball
  • Sling Shots

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