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Mind on what you step on! It could be a mine which can blast upon impact. Landmines as the name suggests is a simulaiton game wherein blindfolded participants collect points which are placed in a confined area full of landmines.

Blind folded participants enter the confined area which is simulated with several landmines. Co-team members standing outside guide the blindfolded participants to move around in the minefield by giving verbal instructions.

Effective communication and trust in the team is key to this activity. Planning of effective communication strategy followed by trust on each other leads the team to win this game.

Activity Objectives Landmines

  • Trust Building

  • Effective Communication

  • Strategic thinking

  • Competetive spirit

  • Lateral Thinking

Activity Location Landmines

  • Outdoor

  • Indoor 

Activity IntensityLandmines

  • Low

Activity Time TakenLandmines

  • 30 to 45 mins

  • Blind Caterpillar
  • Blind Folded Tent Assembly
  • Tower Blocks Building
  • Plank Walk

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