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Save the Sparrow is a delightful one-day outing activity that encourages employees to perform various microtasks required for executing an eco-friendly initiative of sparrow conservation. It incorporates social and environmental awareness into the company’s overall culture.


Participants will be given various materials, including wood, clothing, and cotton, with which they build nests and feeding stations for local birds and install them in various locations.


Installing feeding stations and nest boxes helps sparrow populations grow. It encourages social learning amongst employees to initiate and participate in positive environmental practices and promotes ecological awareness further.

1. Time Duration (2) (1)

Time Duration

90 to 120 mins

2. Location-min


Indoors/Outdoors both

3. Physical Itensity-min

Physical Intensity


4. Team Size-min

Team Size

10 to 200

5. Objectives-min


  • Inculcating CSR Values
  • Social cause
  • Team Building & Bonding
  • Catalyst for Employee Engagement
  • Fun & Recreation
6. Occasions-min


  • Outbound Programs
  • In Office Engagement
  • Employee Family Day
  • Conferences and Townhalls
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Induction/Onboarding

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